Skills, Technologies and Collaborations

to Reimagine the Future of Organ Transplantation & Recovery 

 What is a Microlab?

The Future of Health Microlab is a 4-day "learn by doing" program for next-gen healthcare professionals & entrepreneurs, where you:  


1. Get introduced to the emerging technologies that are changing the future of health

2. Learn how to problem solve through Stanford's patient-centered biodesign innovation process

3. "Think outside the box" to identify new opportunities to positively impact patients' lives;


4. Connect with a "unbundling" health ecosystem where doctors, government officials, researchers and entrepreneurs collaborate as peers

for patient-centered solutions

You take the Microlab if you are a university student,  

a recent graduate or a under-30 professional

in the fields of medicine, life-sciences, business administration, technology & design, 

who wants to drive the future of organ transplantation & recovery

 DAY 1 

Understand the Exponential Future of Health

The future of health: digital, patient-centered, unbundled


Being a futurist, an innovator, a technologist, and an impact driver 

Stanford's bio-design innovation process 


Tools and mindsets to understand the needs of patients and doctors 

  DAY 2

Create a 2030 Vision for Organ Transplantion & Recovery

Emerging technologies & healthcare: A.I., blockchain, mixed reality, IoT, biotech & nanotech 

Tech & ethics in health


Future Design Sprint: brainstorming, idea selection and sci-fi storyboarding

 DAY 3

Learn how to transform an idea into a solution for healthcare impact

The unbundling of the healthcare system (private, public; offline, online; global, localized)

Exponential business models and system thinking in healthcare

"Rapid prototyping & testing" within a "compliance framework"

Stakeholders mobilization

DAY 4 

Find a meaningful professional path to innovate along the organ transplantation & recovery continuum 

Your Massive Transformative Purpose & career roadmap

Demo of your group's "2030 Solution" to make organ transplantation and recovery more affordable & patient centered 

Retrospective & take aways

How the Microlab works 

Each workshop is attended by up to 4 teams (3-6 persons each) 


Teams are multidisciplinary: we encourage the participation of university students and professionals in Pharmacy, Medicine,

Life-Science, Business, Economics, Engineering, Information Technology, Design


The 4 days are a dynamic combination of power-briefs by industry experts, group exercises & presentations, moments of debriefing and retrospective

Classes are held from Monday to Thursday, 18:00 - 21:00

Everyone leaves with the mindsets, methods and tools to help you continuously innovate on patient-centered solutions

An action-driven, global community of  practitioners committed

to develop new skills, technologies and collaborations for

affordable, patient-centered solutions   



Padova (Italy) 

14-17 October 2019

Skills, Technologies and Collaborations to Reimagine the future of Lung Transplantation & Recovery 

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Future of Work Lab 

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