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Future of Health  





We are 

a Talent 


dedicated to RETHINKING the pathways into the future of work so every student will thrive in this era of disruption, automation and AI.

Are you a

Med School? 

Get your students the opportunity 

to connect with their International peers and

co-create the future of healthcare  

The Future of Health Microlab is a 1-week action learning program where first-year med students learn about the emerging trends and technologies in healthcare; plan their unique learning & career path in the future of health; and practice the future ways of working & innovating in a healthcare context.

The program is entirely run online, and is built as a dynamic combination of

e-learning modules, webinars, teamwork & a virtual final event.

The Next Gen of Healthcare Professionals

from Med Schools around the world

co-create the future of health

Students build visions for the future of health; 

think about the roles they will play and the new skills that they will have to learn;

practice the new ways of working, the methods of innovation, and adapt the growth mindset they will need in order to thrive in the Future of health.


driving the Future of Health

How healthcare professionals will reconnect with empowered patients   

How artificial intelligence, digital solutions and genomics will change healthcare  

How a new health-tech ecosystem will drive

continuous innovation  

Future of Health


Next Microlab:

Feb 8th to 15th, 2021


per Student

  • 2-hr online classes per day

  • 5 days over 2 weeks 

  • 4 e-learning modules 

  •  Work in teams of 5 

  • Classes in English

700 Eur

Discover the exponential drivers that are shaping the future of Health

Students learn about emerging technologies, patient centricity, the unbundling of the healthcare system, the new professions, the cutting-edge skills & mindsets that are in demand; the new ways of working adopted by the organizations that are shaping the future of health.

Master the new ways of working & innovating in healthcare

Students from Med Schools around the world work in teams. They participate in a week-long innovation sprint aimed at identifying patient-centered, affordable and sustainable  solutions to challenges in the future of health. During the sprint, students learn how to leverage emerging technologies and human-centered innovation methodologies in a healthcare context.

Build your life & work Roadmap in the Future of Health

By the end of the Microlab, students will have begun to develop their own unique professional roadmap into the future of health: a living document that, in an increasingly fast-paced healthcare system, will help them find purpose, and new professional paths they want to explore. Students will select the emerging skills they will want to acquire, and the cutting-edge learning options they want to pursue to complement their Med degree.

Cohort with International Students

 20 to 40 students

from Med Schools

around the world

Five 2-hr innovation sessions

to tackle

a future of health challenge

A week-long Innovation Sprint

 New paths for your career

in healthcare

Guest Speakers & resources

to help students 

connect with the future of health

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