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Future Fit 




We are 

a Talent 


dedicated to RETHINKING the pathways into the future of work so every student will thrive in this era of disruption, automation and AI.

Join us &

help us get

every student


5 Expeditions attended by high schools &

 students from around the world

Empowering the NEXTGEN

to be continuously employable

& lead in this era of AI and Automation

Future Fit Expeditions are a series of online events where high school students from around the world accelerate their NEXT STEP into the future of work by connecting with the new emerging work & learning pathways as showcased in EXPO DUBAI.

Students learn about the trends & skills

that they will have to master in the Future of Work...

Exponential change

Emerging technologies 

Continuous learning pathways

New future ways of working

The first step towards making students future fit is making them aware of the macro trends that are driving exponential change and their impact on the future of work and learning. In the expeditions, students will hear from industries leading the future of work, organizations leading the future of learning on why adaptation and learning agility are the keys to success. Topics will include in-demand skills, mindsets, new ways of working & learning that one needs

to thrive in the future.

...find cutting edge 

learning & work


for their next step...

Future-forward university degrees

Tech bootcamps 

Gap years 

Cutting-edge online certificates & degrees

Internships & apprenticeships

NGOs & Volunteering

Startup experience

Gig work

In response to the need for continuous re/up-skilling, the education system is being unbundled: alongside traditional universities, a growing number of future-forward learning experiences, bootcamps, online micro-degrees & emerging work-to -learn opportunities are being offered to students as a cheaper, more rapid & relevant way to find a path to meaningful employment. Employers are also more open to hire candidates, who have embraced new learning pathways. In the Future Fit Expedition, students will have the opportunity to connect with a curated selection of 45 emerging learning programs that are centered around each of the 6 global challenges & that are leading the future of work & learning. their personal roadmap in the future of work  & connect with allies that help them take their next step

1. Start a continuous learning roadmap

2. Create personalised learning networks  

3. Build a team of allies: purpose-driven peers, future-forward mentors & career coaches

We don't expect students to navigate this accelerating change on their own. At the Future Fit expeditions, students will be introduced to the "Future Fit Roadmap" app that will help them build their journey for continuous learning, and meet their ecosystem of allies (coaches, mentors, purpose-driven peers). Together they will explore the global challenges; navigate the exciting emergent landscape of new credentials, learning providers and pathways; practice in demand-skills and identify viable paths to students' next steps.

Future Fit


A day-long 


for students to connect with the pioneers

of the future of work & learning

Online & offline events

from September 2021

to April 2022

Students and

high schools

from around the world

Fifty Learning & working opportunities from 


country pavilions

Future Fit
Roadmap Clinics

Students work with their peers, career coaches & mentors to start their personal roadmap for continuous learning.


They choose from sessions that help them imagine the future of work; practice future ways of working; reflect on their personal strengths and weaknesses, and practice mental wellness hacks.

Future of Work
Main Stage

Each Future Fit Expedition kickstarts and concludes with key note speakers & panels of leaders in the future of work & learning. 


They meet the entire audience to introduce future skills, mindsets, challenges & opportunities. 

The Sessions

on the New

Learning Pathways 

Each Future Fit Expedition features up to 45 cutting-edge programs offered by universities, alternative higher-ed and training institutions.

Organizations will have their own 40 minute session to present their programs & engage with students; they will  also have a virtual booth where students can download additional material.

Global Challenge 
Deep Dives

Six breakout sessions focused on a specific global challenge.


Students discover emerging pathways, roles, jobs and in-demand skills that they will need to enter the problem-space.  




Lead a global effort

for high school students

to thrive in the future of work & learning  



Connect with emerging

learning & work pathways

for your next step

after high-school



Expand the outreach

of your learning program

to thousands of students

from around the world how to thrive

in the future of work

by being purpose-driven...

A zero carbon world

Human A.I and tech

Inclusive & Just Societies

Education for life long learning 

Healthcare for all 

Space exploration

This next generation can expect to change jobs and professions multiple times across many new emerging sectors & in doing so, they will have to continuously skill up & quickly adapt to new ways of working. Being purpose-driven helps students move away from the ideas of a fixed "occupational identity" or "picking a major", and focus instead on the impact they want to make in the world as the North Star for their "next step" decisions. Future Fit expeditions are centered around six of this decade's most urgent global challenges explored through a "future of work  lens". Students will engage with organizations leading in the "challenge space"; they will be inspired by the organizations's visions for impact; discover the emerging technologies, along with the new job roles & ways of working in each global challenge space.

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