The Next Generation Leading The Future Of Work

Join Future.Fit, a global community of cutting-edge companies, learning institutions and tech research labs committed to get the next generation #future-ready and #career-adaptable.

We create workshops and summits for high school students to explore the emerging technologies, the cutting edge skills & the new ways of working that will help them thrive in the era of automation and AI.

Future.Fit seeks organizations working with emerging technologies in: Banking | Energy | Healthcare | Mobility | Manufacturing | Education | International Affairs | Retail, Fashion | Marketing | Telecommunications | Food

The Future of Work

we are preparing for

Small, diverse, creative, agile, and fearless teams,
who continuously explore new problems & leverage exponential technologies
to achieve their company’s mission,  while advancing the wellbeing of people and of the planet as a whole.

What students need to learn

to be #future ready & #career adaptable

Understand the Exponential Drivers of Change

Realize how emerging technologies are changing the future of work

Discover the full potential of human-machine collaboration 

Ask yourself the big ethical questions concerning globalization, AI and climate change

Continuously Create New Knowledge

Be able to collaborate in diverse teams across cultures and organizations


Learn the agile methods and mindsets to continuously find new opportunities for innovation

Leverage exponential technologies to build new solutions


Career Agility

Be self-aware, have a growth mindset & learn how to learn quickly


Have an entrepreneurial mindset to be able to reinvent yourself as the world of work changes

Be current on the future jobs being created, in-demand skills, and new learning opportunities

Build a Diverse Community of Peers and Mentors 

Work for something bigger than yourself and connect to a diverse global tribe that shares your same purpose 

Recognize the value of giving and receiving mentorship as a way to build meaningful relationships


Learn how to balance authenticity with professionalism offline and online  

How your organization

can become part of the

Future.Fit Global Community

Host a


Co-create with the Future of Work Lab an immersive 4-hr experience where up to 40 students:
1. Explore the technologies that will disrupt your industry,
2. Go through a future foresight design sprint centered around one of your company's challenges,
3. They practice skills and mindsets key to your company culture.

Participate in the


The Future.Fit summit is an international annual event in Berlin where high school students experience first hand
the future of work, and
learn what it takes to thrive in it.   
Students meet young professionals with inspiring life and work stories;  
try new applications of emerging technologies; engage in conversations  on future trends; uncover new career & learning pathways; practice skills and the mindsets of the future of work.


is an initiative promoted by

The Future of Work Lab

a talent accelerator for the Innovation Economy.

We create innovative learning experiences that help students and young professionals be continuously employable and thrive in the era of AI & Automation.

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Future of Work Lab 

is a European Union based company

& a member of

Estonia's e-Residency program