Build a team of exponential leaders

& get your next innovative product or service "Pilot-ready". 

 What is the 

Exponential Accelerator?

The Exponential Accelerator is a structured 4-week innovation process that will help 2 small carefully selected multi-disciplinary teams from your company rigorously experiment and test new products or services. 

The teams will work "on the edge" of your company in order not disrupt the core of your operations and to maximize agility

During the 4 weeks, teams: 


1. Learn how to become an Exponential Leader capable of thriving in times of rapid change;

2. Design solutions for innovative products and services  that leverage emerging technologies;

3. Practice agile management, while building a new exponential business model & testing it;

4. Deliver a pitch to senior stakeholders of your organization;   


5. Create a Minimum Viable Product Roadmap to guide the teams in the development of a Minimum Viable Product and in the scaling of the solution.   

Some of the organizations

that have taken the 2030 Future Sprint 


Your Massive Transformative Purpose 

Understand the accelerating future and the trends that will impact your industry

in the next 10 years.


Define the big challenge your company will want to focus on: the big "WHY" to which all your products and services will have to answer.


Your Next Big Thing:

The Shortlist 

Talk to customers and emerging technology experts. 

Explore adjacent industries and imagine bold futuristic solutions in line with the "WHY" of your organization. 


Each team participating in the Accelerator will eventually shortlist the best ideas.


Build an Exponential Business Model 

Learn about the elements of an Exponential Business Model.  


Define the "build-measure-learn" experiments to test the  shortlisted ideas with real customers, gaining evidence on what works and what doesn't. 


The Pitch to Stakeholders

Prepare a presentation on your "investment ready" solution: concepts for products and services that have been tested in terms of value proposition, technical solution and business model.


Deliver your presentation to the C-suite arguing the design choices they have made based on evidence (and not on assumptions).


The Road to Market 

The teams create an agile roadmap for the building and the launch of the "Minimum Viable Product" (MVP).

The MVP is the most basic version of the new product and service that can deliver value to the customer, while generating revenues for the organization. 

How the Exponential Accelerator Works 

2 small teams are carefully chosen to go through the 4 week Exponential Accelerator. Optimal team size is 4 to 6 participants (6 to 12 people per program).

Each team should be made up of leadership, managers, front-line & technical people.

The weekly schedule: Teams will meet with facilitators in person inside the company twice a week to workshop the innovation process. Schedule could be Monday and Thursday (time can be negotiated) totalling 6 hours a week for 4 weeks.

The accelerator program is made up of power briefs, real world examples, team exercises, rigorously planning and testing experiments, getting feedback and building iteratively. Very dynamic hands-on fast paced learning experience.

Your team leaves with methodology and tools to help your company continuously innovate.

Do you want the

Exponential Accelerator 

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